Special project by Lekvi

A mortgage loan rate in the Czech Republic is quite low, especially comparing to the CIS countries. And naturally many thought about getting a mortgage loan to finance the property, as it is an excellent investment.

Buying property in the Czech Republic, unlike in many European countries is quite affordable for foreigners. A team of highly skilled specialists will take care of all mortgage loan procedures. In case a buyer is not a resident of the Czech Republic and can not come at the moment of closing a deal, all the operations can be made by attorney. A mortgage loan is provided by one of the largest Czech banks, which offers one of the most beneficial mortgage loan conditions for foreigners in the Czech Republic.

Mortgage loan for foreigner in the Czech Republic – it is real!

RATE: from 2,69% 

MAXIMUM AMOUNT: up to 60% from the price of property

MATURITY: maximum 20 years

AGE OF AN APPLICANT: from 20 to 67 years

INSURANCE: Encumbrance contract on the property, including a notary record. Encumbrance contracts on insurance cases.

COST: The cost of a mortgage loan is calculated on the individual conditions depending on the project, square area of the property and information about the potential borrower. For questions about the costs please contact our specialists.

CONSIDERATION TERM: from 1 to 2 months

List of required documents:

  • employment contract
  • cash warrants or extracts from bank accounts, on which salary for the last six months was received
  • salary confirmation
  • loan application
  • copy of international passport

Important! Before sending originals of documents to our mailing address, please email scanned copies of all the documents for preliminary check.

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